Safety and quality, in a timely manner.
— Black Wolf


  Our dedicated team of installation specialists arrive on site fully prepared for your project. They will have a fully stocked van, containing all the required tools, hardware and supplies needed to complete the installation. 

   We pride ourselves on stocking our van with all the required hardware, supplies and tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This includes the necessary “contingencies” to overcome any unforeseen issues that may arise during the installation. We have build our reputation on always having what we need to get the job done.

    Our attention to detail in how each element of project is installed also sets us apart. We install each item with the fastening method hidden from view. The pieces look as if it is just sitting there yet all are securely installed.

Service & Quality

   Black Wolf prides itself on striving to be the best at all we do. We draw on our teams varied backgrounds and experiences to produce projects that look to exceed the expectations of our clients. Above all, we stand behind our work, if we miss the mark in any way, we will not rest to we make it right.


  Fabrication is where your project really starts to come alive. Black Wolf provides full service fabrication and modification of your themed project, taking it from a simple concept to completion. 

   Our services include in-house carpentry, metal, CNC design and scenic artistic painting. Components for your project can be produced from many different materials, wood, metal, plastics, with many different finishes. With a wide base of material vendors, we can ensure the right material will be used to create your project. 

   Regardless of the material used, all are then expertly assembled and finished to create a project that is uniquely yours. Whether your project large or small, complex or simple, each project receives the upmost attention to detail and the highest quality workmanship.